May 26, 2022


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Height of Immorality: How my eyes caught the ignoble act at Skyway

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Upon writing this piece, the intention is to see the changes in the areas touched. So, without intended changes, the purpose of this article is lost and therefore render the writer’s effort fruitless.

The spate of immoralities among the students in tertiary institution is becoming alerming — maybe to only those of us who pay attention. Now we are calling the attention of others to it, and their failure to yield would pay us all back in a big choking way.

Why is it that it is only when a minor issue escalates that action would be hurriedly taken? Why can’t we make our hays while the sun is shining? Why can’t we be extra-strict against those acts by students which repercussions we cannot afford? Why can’t we fight sexual immoralities on the SkyWay for its progress is like that of cars racing on the highway?

Skyway, a place in Unilorin, has become the hotspot for sexual immoralities. I have heard about the incidence from some won’t-be-disclosed-but-reliable sources. The truth shouldn’t be concealed even if it’s against the self. My people would say when your neighbour is eating bad insects and you remain nonchalant towards it, his groaning in pain won’t allow you to have a nice night rest. So you have to help such a neighbour (not to harm himself) — meaning you’re helping yourself.

Skyway has become a place where perpetrators of sexual immoral activities shield themselves from the sight of the public. They usually cover their faces with the masks of night. They take themselves in pairs, a male and a female, they do sorts of things, in styles, which if mentioned here can tear the content of this piece apart. They embark on the journey of mutual self-ruination.

Why is it that it is the skyway that is being used for these acts? I once asked myself. The only available answer was that the place lacks light at night. Apart from the fact that it’s a kind of closed and not so open place — being at the top part of a building — it’s a place that’s suffering from lack of bulbs in the university. That’s how the devil gets itself dressed in the blackness of night and started promoting his onerous agenda.

To be candid, it is not only at the Skyway that such abnormalities do occur, it does happen in other places inside the campus which may not be known to the general public except those who stay in the areas, or those of us who like to poke nose…

One day, I was leaving for off-campus around 9 pm when a guy (a friend) called me around Students Affairs Unit. We were having some conversation and I didn’t know what turned my head to the side where I saw what eyes suppose not be seeing: A guy sat on the iron table and the lady on the bench, facing each other, with the lady’s head facing the guy’s belle. Picture it.

At that moment, I sensed that something (wrong) was going down. This made me diverted more than half of my attention to them rather than to the guy whom I was speaking with. The lady’s fingers crawled into the guy’s trousers, moving inside it. I couldn’t fathom what was happening but this brilliant brain of mine was whispering to me what’s likely to be going on – and I guess, that’s what I believe you too have in mind presently. So do you think that’s proper? Hell…no!

Why doing this? Is this normal? Has the school authority done anything about it? Who forbids them not to do their wants in as much it’s not in such an animalistic and shameless manner? Are they students from school hostels because they’re the ones who may have major difficulty in such situations? Why didn’t they think of being caught? What if they face panel, then Tanke? What if it becomes a Bye-Bye for them with no correspondent See you Again? And other “what ifs”.

I have been bothering my mind with the question “what now is the solution?” And to be truthful, the hen of our admin is sweating, it’s just its feather that conceals it. But then, the blood won’t stop appearing on the fingers tip until the lice vacate our clothes. So far the unwanted behaviours are still breathing, it’s not yet a moment to relax.

It won’t be a bad step if security men can be stationed at the places where likely acts may be taking place. And every dark place that is housing bad acts should be lightened up – lets the light come to chase the darkness away just like the exam timetable in Unilorin chase students’ unseriousness away.

Believe me, sexual immorality is just a drop in the ocean of its likes. There are other obscenities like sexual assault, gangster robbery, gadget stealing, immoral dressing (despite our matchless dress code rules) among many others.

Note: I had my bags stolen on two different occasions.

As a student and a keen observer of my Society, I always believe I can do something to effect some changes where it is needed. That is the primary reason you’re reading this. You too might have heard about this incidence before… but our refusal to keep mute is what will make us be heard, acknowledged and our demand is met. Sexual immorality on the skyway needs to stop!

This is just a piece composed for the sake of peace and the appropriate quarters should take adequate precautions to conquer the war being waged against us by these evil perpetrators so that our Better by Far won’t become worsen by far. For he has once said in 2010, Prof. Ishaq Oloyede (former VC, Unilorin) that:

“We condone no indiscipline, we tolerate no-nonsense. And what others overlook we may not, because we can’t afford to derail in our quest to moving forward.”

This article is written by Ojo Oluwaseun, 300 Level student of the department of Combined Law, Faculty of Law and is published under the Guest-Writer harmonisation policy of the UCJ-UNILORIN. Ojo can be reached via

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