August 15, 2022


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Hong Kong bookseller is missing

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Sweden says its citizen Gui Minhai, one of the five jailed “Hong Kong booksellers”, has been released from prison in China.
But Mr Gui’s daughter, Angela, said no-one had seen him or spoken to him a week after his supposed release.
Mr Gui’s Hong Kong publishing house sold books about the personal lives of China’s political elite. He disappeared in Thailand in October 2015 before mysteriously turning up in detention in mainland China. Mr Gui was officially in prison after confessing to a fatal road accident which allegedly took place in 2003. His daughter says the confession was forced.
The four other members of the publishing company detained in China were previously released. Three remained silent about their detention. But one, Lam Wing-kee, who has no family on mainland China, said the confessions shown on Chinese television were forced, read from a script written by Chinese officials.
Allegations that Mr Lee and Mr Gui were abducted across international borders in an extrajudicial process sparked international concern. Chinese officials say he and the four other men detained all went to China voluntarily.

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