May 26, 2022


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Hostel Allocation: School opens portal for freshers today

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By Abdulrasheed Ahmed D.

The online ballot process for hostels allocation for the university’s new intakes will hold today, Friday 22nd; this is according to the Students’Union Welfare Secretary.

The process which was expected to hold on yesterday, Thursday, 21st, November, 2019, went unsuccessful as result of some technical hitches. Some students who went online for the process could not get to log on their portals.

According to a student who spoke with our correspondent, he said, “when we try to log on the portal it will just bring up error 504. I was scared initially, but I was later told the problem is showing for everybody.”

Speaking with the students’ union welfare secretary, he assures that the portal will be on today and every ballot process will be taking place today, Friday, 22nd, November, 2019.

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