May 19, 2022


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Human Rights Chambers vote to remove Organising Secretary; Chief Whip resigns

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By Adedeji Azeezat

At the intellectual forum held on 30th of March, Activist Abdulmajeed Moshood moved a motion for removal of the Chambers’ Organizing secretary, Activist Adeoti Simbiat Aderayo and Chief Whip, Activist Yusuff Adebayo.

Relying on Article 7 of the Chambers’ Constitution, Activist Majeed was of the opinion that the Organizing Secretary and Chief Whips’s absence from the two intellectual forum held this semester and the Chambers’ programs embarked upon this semester, amounted to gross misconduct and dereliction of their duties.

The motion was met with intellectual discussions from Activists. Activist Tajudeen Habeebullah mentioned that it is a trite principle of law and Natural Justice that both sides be heard before making a decision as powerful as removal. He moved a counter-motion, to the effect that the Activists be given a chance to defend themselves before the House decides if they should be removed or pardoned.

The Deputy Lord Activist, Activist Ibitola Muslimat, who presided over the meeting in absence of the Lord Activist brought the House’s attention to the fact that the Chambers’ Chief Whip, Activist Adebayo Yusuff resigned some weeks back.

The removal of the Organizing Secretary was therefore open to a vote of the House. The Registrar of the Chambers, Activist Adedeji Azeezat presided over the vote for the removal of the Organizing Secretary.

The House opted to vote by a secret ballot for removal. At the end, there was a total of 23 votes (excluding the vote of the presiding officer) with 11 Activists voting in support of the removal of the Organizing Secretary. The remaining 12 Activists voted against her removal while voting for fair-hearing.

The voting exercise was met with a lot of objections and enthusiasm especially when the wordings of the vote was in issue. Some of the people who voted against the removal of the Organizing Secretary did so with the expression No Removal while others did so with the expression Fair Hearing.

Activist Habeebullah and Activist Adebayo Azeez were more liberal with the wordings of the vote. On the other hand, Activist Abdulmajeed, Activist Abdulsalam Abdulazeez (Eko) and Activist Yahyah Ramadan (Senator Lambo) registered their displeasure. Activist Abdulmajeed was more passionate about his, saying vehemently that the Chambers would hear from him in the Court of Law.

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