June 25, 2022


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Full Report: I acted based on my predecessor’s orientation: SU Senate suspends welfare secretary for embezzlement

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The SU Welfare Secretary of the ‘Better By Far’ University has been suspended for 30 working days due to alleged embezzlement of funds by the Senate Council.

The Senate Council had her sitting on 3rd February 2018 with the Welfare Secretary, Asukuti  on the hot seat quizzed by senators to clarify certain matters and later on alleged embezzlement and then sanctioned.

The suspension balled out from different acts mentioned by the Senate President for clarity, Mr. Asukuti was accused of falling short of Union’s expectation which the Constitution frowns at.

Just before the matter that led to his suspension, Asukuti was asked to clarify what transpired between the Chairman, Budget Committee (Senator Voice) and him (Asukuti) concerning access to the SU store to count a reported stock of vests and caps. Both sides were asked to speak as well as senators throwing in their questions and reactions.

The matter was closed and the Senate Council frowned at Asukuti’s misconduct and unruly behavior during the sitting, urging the CEC members to have that corrected.

The Senate Clerk read a report from the UISAPC concerning keke and korope allowance. The Commission claimed to have started their investigation 11th January, 2018 and had acquired evidences. After so much reactions, questions, responses and evidences; the SU Keke association had paid twice (#3,000 for a week) in January, and Asukuti received it and remitted it as affirmed by the SU Financial Secretary.

The Investigative Committee for the Council discovered that Asukuti made a contract with the Korope association for the production of stickers which the CEC nor Council knew nothing of. Asukuti claimed he told only the Fin. Sec. who did not give his consent.

Asukuti, who made an offence by not carrying the CEC along accepted his mistake and said that he acted based on his predecessor’s orientation. He also revealed that he has plans to also create VIN, ID cards and certificate for the Korope drivers including the stickers.

The Investigative Committee produced recordings as evidences which one of revealed that Asukuti allegedly sold 100 stickers at the rate of #700 each to Korope drivers which was in contrary to his claim of not meeting or asking and Korope for money. The Committee however recommends appropriate sanction for misleading the Council.
Asukuti said, “I will not allow injustice to prevail on me…” He contradicted all evidences laid on him and felt that he should have been called for instead of the committee going into conclusions. Having examined all shortcomings, recommendations on Asukuti’s sanction was made.

Senators recommended suspension of different amount of working days with 15 days being the least and 40 days – the most, including recommendations for his removal.

The CEC pleaded for mercy on Asukuti’s behalf, commending his effort and work since the commencement of his administration as they pleaded for 10 working days suspension.

Senators and congressmen requested that more investigation be done so that Asukuti would be caught red handed. 
The Senate President examined all accusations and tagged his acts as embezzlement and requested any opposition on the word, claiming that no response will be given on social media as to the inappropriation of the word.

On sanctions, the Council was left with choosing between 30 working days suspension with no recommendation for removal, and 30 working days suspension with recommendation for removal, of which the latter was annulled.

UCJ had a session with the Welfare Secretary on the matter. Details will be given later. 

OJEBODE, Sewueseter  Tomi


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