May 19, 2022


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I doubt INEC’s Integrity, competence to conduct credible elections, says Obasanjo

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Former president of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo has, on Sunday, expressed his stance on Independent National Electoral Commission’s ability and fairness in the forthcoming general elections. 

Obasanjo asserted that he personally has serious doubt about the present electoral body’s integrity, impartiality and competence to conduct a free, fair and credible election, adding that “If INEC is willing (to be fair), will the ruling party and government allow it?” 

“For what we saw and knew about Osun State gubernatorial election, what was conclusive was declared inconclusive despite all advice to the contrary”, he added. 

Former president criticized the the appointment of the Commission’s head, Hajia Amina Zakari as being too controversial figure to be able to give assurance of a credible election, also said “President Buhari and her (Amina’s) family have declared that there is no blood relationship but there is relationship through marriage and that is more than enough for the lady to step aside”

Meanwhile, he urged that “Madam Amina Zakari should, in honour, stay out and not be seen as a source of contamination for the election” as it will be difficult to deny the rumour that she is being assigned to collation centre to write out figures that are not results of the voting in the field on fake results sheets which she will have access to as a commissioner. 

He however accused that the transmission and collation of results are subject to interference, manipulation and meddling.

He said “If the INEC’s favourite political party wins with these infractions, the result will be conclusively declared and if not, there will be a rerun”

“I know that I am not alone in being skeptical about the integrity of INEC and its ability to act creditably and above board. But we are hoping to be convinced otherwise”

Obasanjo said “The joke about INEC would seem real” while recounting the response of an INEC  staff who was if the commission was ready for the election and if it expect it to be free, fair and credible, “We are ready with everything including the results” the INEC staff responded. 

He stressed that it is in no use to keep lamenting about the failure, incompetence, divisiveness, nepotism, encouragement and condonation of corruption by Buhari administration as there is neither redeeming feature nor personality to salvage the situation within the heirachy.

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