May 17, 2022


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Obansa Ashraf Omeiza

Ilorin University Medical Students Association (ILUMSA) is the University of Ilorin’s department of Medicine and Surgery’s main student organization. By default, all medical students at Unilorin are members of ILUMSA. ILUMSA’s main aim, like that of all other student organizations, is to look after the welfare of its members, which it has done well.

Over the past few years, ILUMSA’s administration has developed new student-centered programs and projects while also building on old ones. These programs are designed to fill in the gaps in many elements of student welfare.

One of the new ones is the award of cash prizes to the best two students at every level. This program is the most recent as its maiden edition was held quite recently on November 8, 2021, as a part of the Inspire ILUMSA program of the ILUMSA health week. During this program, a cash prize of #300,000 was given to the best two students of every level in the department with each student receiving a sumptuous sum of #25,000.

The awarding of monetary prizes is intended to encourage and motivate students to strive for academic achievement and to be the best they can be, and it appears to be working, as many students have expressed interest in winning the next edition.

Another notable and relatively new program is the ILUMSA entrepreneurship program that awards cash prizes to prospective entrepreneurs and student-owned businesses on campus. The students present their businesses to a panel of judges who pick a winner based on presentation and predetermined criteria. 

The maiden edition of this program was held in 2019 during which a total cash prize of #90,000 was awarded to the winners to aid their businesses and help them bring their entrepreneurial ideas to fruition. The program seeks to inspire students to explore their entrepreneurial side and it seems to be doing just that as more students turned up to compete for the second edition of the program which was held in June 2021.

One of the older and more notable ILUMSA programs is the ILUMSA orientation programs organized to orientate and sensitize students on the requirements of a new level at the beginning of the semester. During this program, ILUMSA invites seniors and Doctors to sensitize and inform newly promoted students on how to navigate the new level. The effectiveness of this program speaks for itself as it always enjoys a massive turnout from the students.

The biggest of these programs and the most notable is the ILUMSA health week which holds every session. This 7-day program is always packed with events like cooking competitions, Conferences, and outreach programs. These programs cater to different aspects of student welfare exploring student culinary, academic, and organizational skills. This program usually runs concurrently with the ILUMSA sports competition where ILUMSITES compete in various team and individual sports for medals and accolades.

These programs always boast of massive student turnout and hype as every student seems to want to get a piece of what ILUMSA has to give. 

The ILUMSA health week is capped off with the ILUMSA dinner and awards night which provides an avenue for students to loosen up and socialize. Student acts and performances are also showcased during the dinner thus promoting student creativity and artistic talents. Students get to socialize and network and this program always boast of a massive turnout.

One can only mention a few of the programs and projects ILUMSA has put in place to cater to student welfare but one thing is for certain; with ILUMSA there’s something for everyone. 

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