May 19, 2022


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Inkskribe debuts LinkedIn seminar in Kwara State

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Inkskribe Foundation for African Arts, recently held its first seminar, which is the maiden LinkedIn seminar in Kwara State, themed: “Exposing youths to LinkedIn opportunities” which held at Idea Park, G.R.A Ilorin.

The seminar organised by Inkskribe with the support of IdeaPark (an Information Technology Centre and training facility) was aimed at enlightening youths on the opportunities embedded in the social media platform “LinkedIn” and how best to make use of its opportunities optimally likewise how to pitch a deck to investors in order to promote a business or organisation.

The first speaker, Tomori Uriel, Acting Executive Director spoke on how to create a professional LinkedIn profile, get engagements, followers, jobs on LinkedIn, how to increase visibility in LinkedIn as well as evaluation tactics for growth.

He further mentioned the importance of maintaining (formal) relationships with users and influential people on LinkedIn in order to get more connections, engagements, recommendations, job opportunities and even knowledge.

He emphasized on the need to have a formal and enticing profile for easier access to opportunities. While mentioning this, he noted that it’s very important to be authentic and moderate while writing a LinkedIn profile. He mentioned that content is key, to access opportunities on LinkedIn, it’s better to produce content worth reading, to post regularly, engage people in order to create a robust network consisting of people, influential people and links to opportunities and jobs.

Ahmed Abdullah, CEO Atewe Graphics, delivered his lecture on pitch writing and the rules guiding it, The reasons for writing a pitch and who it’s written to, the factors needed to be considered while crafting a pitch or business proposal as well as the power of a properly crafted pitch.

He further explained the need to tell a story with the pitch and move the investor or partner to get interested and invest in the idea. He noted that the pitch must contain elements of a problem solving mechanism identifying the problem the business or organisation has chosen to solve, identifying the target audience and how the business intends to make money. He explained the fact that ideas are recycled from previous ideas and experiences encountered but were creatively renovated. He said: “your idea is a product of what you’ve experienced”. He also narrated his pitching experience to the audience.

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