May 24, 2022


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Insecurity: A Welfare Challenge for Female Students in Hostels on Campus

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“If manipulation really does increase welfare, then it would seem to be justified and even mandatory on ethical grounds.” –Cass R. Sunstein.

The University of Ilorin is one of the few institutions setting the pace on students welfarism among Nigeria universities. This good deed, is very much applauded due to the will of the management to make learning easy and comfortable for her students, by way of providing social amenities.

The problem of accommodation on campus – especially for male students, has been a herculean task when it comes to welfarism on campus. But, the recent increment in accommodation capacity of male students on campus is worthy of compliment. As the number of male hostels moved from three to five hostels of high capacities. One of which belongs to the university while the others belong to private individuals or groups.

With one of these new hostels accommodating 750 students, one could say with the new hostels on campus, it’s possible that the queue at the school park would be reduced, if not eliminated. Instead of having a lot of students trooping into the park, students can now head straight to their hostels and enjoy from the comfort of their room on campus.

However it’s surprising that the school agreed to construct one of the hostels, Arafims, in the midst of females hostels where there are bushes and this has made it unsafe for female students. The location of the new male hostel construction, is known to be an area where girl’s hostels are located though with strict restriction in the area at night for security reasons. But with the construction of this hostel, the level of insecurity is on the rise.

The recent free entry and exit of movement through these hostels, has made female students vulnerable and even strangers with ulterior motives are allowed movement in this area at night. In recent days, female students have complained of seeing random cars parked around their hostels posing threats on their movements.

These said random cars are not properly checked before entering the street and before going out of the street. Most of these cars owners claim they are students living in the new hostels but they do drive past their hostel to female hostels.

Despite the present students inhabiting the hostels in these areas, the absence of street-lights has further posed security threats in these areas. Students who walk with personal lamps, are prone to harassment. The issue of a female student harassed by a security at the hostel premises is an unfortunate testament of the level of vulnerability.

We fervently believe that proper privacy for both male and female students shouldn’t be compromised. The bushes around these areas are not hygienic either – they could serve as hideout for thieves, bed for rapist and a home for dangerous animals.

Also, it’s worrisome to live in a residential area and still be restricted to walk freely due to the presence of unwelcome visitors and “aging” security personnel.

It should be noted that, there has been complaints on robbery cases, sexual harassment of students in hostel. A student once testify an accident when about five hostels were robbed in a single night, and things aren’t getting better either.

All these are not unavoidable, when we have security personnel who take ‘tip’ from strangers and at times attempt to exploit students for personal gains.

Although, the school authority has in her best ability made learning comfortable, there are some things that cannot be questioned but fixed. We believe restrictions should be placed on vehicles entering these areas. A means of identification could also be provided for security reasons and cars should be checked thoroughly by the security in charge.

Street lights should be fixed in the dark places as soon as possible. This will protect the students against dangerous animals and keep them safe from evil doers at night.

Furthermore, the thick bushes should be cleared for security reasons, and for a safer and healthy living.

However, we implore the university management and hostel owners to engage the service of competent, well trained and psychologically stable individuals in lieu of the irresponsible ones to serve as securities for these hostel.

Having security patrol at night would be of great benefits but students should be careful and avoid unnecessary conversations with strangers in that area and discard unnecessary distractions.

This editorial is of a developmental intent and is aimed at improving students welfarism on campus in the area of security, especially for females students in private hostels.


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