May 19, 2022


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INTERVIEW: Awogbenle shares what to expect at Citiziens Conference 2019

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Salako:Good day, Can we meet you?

Awogbenle: My name is Seun Awogbenle, I am the Co-founder of MACAA, convener of the CITIZENS CONFERENCE. I am also a public Affairs analyst and a public speaker.

Salako: Your profile states that you are a public affairs analyst. In what way has this influenced your role at MACAA?

Awogbenle: Well, my public policy disposition has actually fortified me for my role at MACAA. You will recall that MACAA’s fundamental objective is to shape a new generation of citizens who are constantly involved and engaged for the greater good, so influencing publish policy for better outcomes is at the heart of what we do, it is safe to say that both roles have been complimentary.

S: Please tell us, what is MACAA and what does the organization seek to achieve?

A: MACAA is committed to promoting transformational leadership by balancing the demand schedule of citizenship. MACAA is essentially about inspiring active citizenship to bring about improved leadership.

S: What brought about the idea of CITIZENS CONFERENCE?

A: Citizens conference is because we realized that we need to give voices to  wider spectrum of people, who genuinely want their voices heard and amplified on issues of national importance. So we said, we could have a platform for cross sector audience to proffer policy solution and make critical recommendation for a collective national action. We believe that although our challenges may be manifold, they only require our collective attention, deliberation and action.

S: Last year, I attended the Conference. I am a testimony to its potency. What is the theme of this year’s conference, and why have you selected it?

A: The theme for this year’s is Nigeria the prosperity that is possible. Believe me, this theme could not have been more apt as recent events have demonstrated the need to convince a crucial debate on the imperatives of Nigeria’s Economic growth at a time when Nigeria is the poverty capital of the world and unemployment at an all time high. 

S: Kindly make a brief overview of the guests, I mean the2019 conference.
A: For this year’s conference, we would be having former Minister for youth and sports development, Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi, 2019 ANRP Presidential Candidate Mallam Tope Fasua, Executive Director of YIAGA, Samson Itodo, Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on social investment programme and internally displaced persons, Mohammed Brimah, FormercCurator of Abuja Global shapers. 
S: Considering the present situation of the country, do you think the solution to the existential problem of our nation lies in conference rooms. How much impact do you think this conference can make?
A: Like I said earlier, our challenges may appear manifold, but it foremost requires our collective attention, the admittance that something needs to be done, the second stage is the deliberation such as the citizens conference where solutions are identified and lastly is the action. It is simply translating the fantastic recommendation into measurable action.
S: Since the organization is more focused on millennials ( a deduction from the name of your organization). Don’t you think the older generation have a role to play in the course of reshaping the country’s trajectory?
A: We also promote intergenerational Cooperation, we believe that both the young and old have a key role to play in rewriting the narrative, but we are aware of the specialness of millennials and their unique ability to bring about a powerful social and political change.
S: Thank you very much. It’s been wonderful talking with you.
A: Thank you
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