July 28, 2021


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Jackie Chan Wants to Win a Best Actor Oscar

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American audiences are used to seeing you in comedies, but your role in The Foreigner is more dramatic. Why did you want them to see this side of you? Right now, for me, it’s not about box office. What’s more important is the audience. I’ve been working so hard for all these years in the film business. I wanted to prove that I’m a good stunt man, I’m a good stunt coordinator, I’m a good director, I’m a good producer, that I can write. Now, I want them to say, “That Jackie, he is a good actor.” After I got a life achievement Oscar, I want to get — I hope one day to get — a best actor Oscar. There are so many foreign stars, and I could see whatever they did wrong. Then I can correct that in myself. What is the right thing to do? I’m looking at Robert De Niro and I’m looking at Clint Eastwood. An actor can live forever. But then I look at action stars around the world. How many action stars today stay in the film business? They’re gone. Look at Hollywood today and the technology they make. Everybody’s superwoman, they can make everybody an action star. Even some stars, they don’t know how to fight, but they can make them like an action stars. One day, when I’m old and I cannot fight anymore, they still can make me action star. But acting is still important.


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