June 25, 2022


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Jesunifemi to support special students, urges senators to follow suite

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By Iwayemi Zainab, Abdul-salam Haleemah, Ayeyemi Deborah, Christiana, Abdullahi Ridhwan, Salman Ibrahim

Sequel to a letter received from the association of deaf students requesting for aid in their upcoming program, Senate president, Jesunifemi has promised to foot some of the bills of the event from his own pocket.

The SP said this after the house had scrutinized the content of the letter.
He noted that although the program would serve as an energizer for progressiveness amongst the association ,it is however not in the capacity of the house to grant such aid as the requested funds were not captured in their budget.

Sen. Jesunifemi, after concuring to extend a helping hand, urged other senators to support the cause of the program in any way they could. He also noted that other forms asides monetary aid would be appreciated.

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