August 10, 2022


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Journalism deals with lives – HOD Mass Comm

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The HoD mass communication department, Dr. (Mrs) S.S Abdulbaqi has charged both old and new members of the Union of Campus Journalists, Unilorin, to uphold the ethics of journalism.
According to her, “Journalism deals with lives,” and journalists must be careful and mindful of the effect journalistic activities has on individuals in the society.
The guest lecturer in her topic titled, “Ethics of campus journalism” said, journalism is like medicine which requires all the sense and must be rightly prescribed.
She further stated that a good journalist must have nose for news which requires having passion for journalism.
She added that, campus journalists must verify stories before publication is made, and must be unbiased, professional, must not be fabricated.
Abdulbaqi also stressed the need for punctuality in journalistic duties, as it makes a journalist capture the news stories the right way.
According to her, a journalists must be in the right position at an event to write it right.
She added that a campus journalist must show empathy in writing news, must be correct, must not lie and be secretive.
She enthused that, a journalist must seek the opinion of legal practioner on some stories to avoid libel.
She added that, anything which can be libelous should never be publish, advising all inductees to make use of the opportunity of being a campus journalist wisely.

Adekeye Ramota, Tomori Uriel Idowu,


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