May 19, 2022


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On the 12th of June 2021, executives of the Law Students’ Society Press, Faculty of Law, University of Ilorin, organized a five (5) day virtual practical sessions tagged Journo 360, to sensitize its members on various areas of journalism and better equip them on becoming a refined campus journalist. The programs were anchored online by different individuals, who have proved their mettle and are recognized as proficient in the assigned theme of journalism.

The event started on google meet with a class on News Writing delivered by the former President of the Union of Campus Journalists (UCJ) in the person of Mr. Osuji Chima Francis. The class featured a conceptual analysis and structure of an ideal news writing, and at the end,  participants participated in a brief writing exercise.

On the second day Miss Glory Chika, an immediate past President of UCJ, took a session on “Story Tips in Journalism”  conducted on the Official WhatsApp group of the press outlet. She mentioned that story-tips in this regard may be from persons, publications, witnesses, or even documents through which a journalist can extract crucial information. She said there’s a need to cultivate, grow and develop these sources to have a better insight into a story. At the end of the session, she listed few means to source for story tips where the traditional cues fail.

On the third day, the event continued with another anchor, a former executive of UCJ Mr. Agbaje Ayomide who treated the topic “rudiments and art of conducting interviews in journalism”. He gave tips on how to best give a top-notch interview even as a campus journalist and also advised on the use of ethics of journalism in the process of an interview.

 On the fourth day, 15th of June 2021 Mr. Ridwan Abdullahi Adetutu popularly known as Eclat, an immediate past Editor-in-chief of UCJ, anchored the session and took on the topic Editorials. He gave a proper description of an editorial, the need for teamwork on an editorial, its types, and how a well-defined structured editorial is presented of which he also gave practical tips.


The former president of UCJ, Mr. Fadlulah Abdulazeez concluded the training sessions with his discourse on “Ethics in journalism”. He explained ethics as a moral compass that guides our social, professional, and personal lives. To understand ethics in different ways, he gave three main approaches, virtue ethics, consequential ethics, and deontological ethics. He also gave a personal account to further illustrate what ethics stands for in journalism. In his words, “without the compass of ethics, we may find ourselves lost in the deep mess and without standards.”

The virtual training came to an end after the distribution of certificates and other relevant materials to participants and a Vote Of Thanks by the Editor-in-chief, Abdussalam Abdul Qoyyum.

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