June 25, 2022


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Jubilations as Dept. Of English produces the 001 of FASA

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The agog moment that greeted the announcement of Mr Forunsho Fatai Adisa ‘ThatUnilorinBoy’ of the Department of English as the winner of the just concluded Faculty of Arts Students Association, FASA presidential election could be described as one already budded in the hearts of the teeming students of the ‘Heartbeat’ faculty of the University of Ilorin.

Folorusho broke the jinx of a long tradition to become the second FASA president to have come from the Department of English Language and Literally Studies since the creation of the faculty in 1976. One Poul Coudija, had, in 1996/7, achieved the same feat, but like one would hastily close a non-interesting book’s chapter, Coudija closed the door against continuity of such privilege in the department. However, Folorunsho, on Thursday, the 19th July, 2018, reopened the chapter. He led his people to the poll and broke the status quo to reclaim, as Abdul Maleek, the current president of English department, would put it ‘a long overdue entitlement’; having pooled a striking non-marginal votes of 1,157 to disarm his closest contender, Mr Bakare Odunayo Michael also known as ‘MC Slim’ who pooled 530 votes.

The number one seat of the faculty student’ Union power had always been rotated among three purportedly strongest departments in the faculty that brands herself with the appellation: ‘The heartbeat’ of the University of  Ilorin. The outgoing president, Mr Ogunbi Oluwapelumi Michael popularly called ‘D Unique’, from the department of History and International Studies, HIS, succeeded one Mr Adura from Religion who in turn took the mantle from one Babajide from Linguistics departments, respectively.

This supposed unprecedented achievement by the department of English could, without any recourse, be said informed the wild jubilation that welcomed the pronouncement of ‘ThatUnilorinBoy’ the next president of the ever politically conscious faculty.

In the early hours of the election day, political atmosphere could be sensed to be endearing and conducive as the majority of the electorates could confide with our correspondents. According to a 400Level student of the faculty, Mr Ibrahim Saks, he expressed his level of satisfaction, in his word: “from what I have seen, everything looks in order; and that is very being sincere, because I can see very arranged line, a line barricading people…so far so good, they have been doing an excellent job.”

When engaged by our correspondents some hours into the process, another electorate, this time, one of the serving Senators from the faculty of Arts constituency, Senator Sanni, he opined “Satisfaction will come to those who are contesting but my primary concern is that the whole process is going on smoothly.” It is worth noting, however, that Sanni is unarguably one of the political bigwigs of the faculty.

The chairman of the electoral empire, Mr Zinsu, had, in the early period into the election processes expressed dissatisfaction concerning the apathetic attitudes of the electorates towards the election. He lamented low turn out from a number of departments in the faculty. In his words, “the electoral process has been impressive, however, there is low turn out from the department of French and Arabic electorates”, He lamented.

The staff adviser to the faculty students’ association, who also coupled as the faculty’s delegated observer to the electoral process, The Head of Department, Performing Arts, Professor Abdul-Rasheed Adeoye popularly called ‘Rashy’ opined that, “…weather anybody likes it or not, youth must take over and we must teach them what is correct.” He said this in response to the allegation of ballot paper theft which later turned out to be a false alarm from the observing candidates’ agents, those Mr Rashy tagged ‘false alarmists’.

A 200level student of the faculty, Micheal Ajibade in company of his friend, Nnanna, also, as electorate, expressed his level of satisfaction as regards the whole process; “…I’ll just advice them (the school) to put in place such arrangements like this year’s, in the years to come”, Ajibade further advised. Other interviewed electorates further entrenched the dominating opinions concerning the electoral processes.

Some power brokers, however, in their diverse caucuses and interests were seen upping their antics in a bid to seeing that things work to their dictates; hence, being ‘busy’ was their willing tool as excuse to evade speaking with the press.

The results sheet from the electoral empire, FASEIC, that will see to the inauguration of a new executive body of the faculty’s apex students’ association have as follows:

      Total Cast = *2031*
      Total Void = *11*

Ahmed AbdQuadri Kayode (Abdul)  — *333 votes*
Bakare Odunayo Michael (MC Slim) — *530 votes*
Folorunsho Fatai Adisa (ThatUnilorinBoy) — *1157 votes (Winner)*

*Vice President*
      Total Cast = *2031*
      Total Void = *19*
Yusuf Silifat Temitope (Toyosi)  — *925 votes*
Ojolowo Nafizat Temitope (MASCOT) — *1087 votes (Winner)*

*General Secretary*
      Total Cast = *2031*
      Total Void = *61*

Jimoh Tunde Salami (Ambassador)  — *832 votes*
Salem Joel Gospel (Gospel) — *1138 votes (Winner)*

*Public Relations Officer (P.R.O)*
      Total Cast = 2031
      Total Void = 24

Omogbemile Blessing (AKT)  — *719 votes*
Tijani, Olajide (Jeff) — *1288 votes (Winner)*

*Welfare Secretary*
       Total Cast = 2031
       Total Void = 19

Awoyemi — *673 votes*
Salawu — *1339 votes (Winner)*

_Reported by Pressmen Abdullahi R. Adetutu, Jolomi Abdul-Azeez; the pack ably led by Muhammad Aisha Dabarako_

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