May 17, 2022


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Judicial Council unveils Law Review, promises promotion of Legal Jurisprudence

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Adedimeji Quayyim Abdul-Hafeez

The Judicial Council of the Students Union, University of Ilorin, has unveiled its Law Review project, aimed at harnessing legal opinions to legal advocacy and practice.

The law review is a journal of scholarly writings or publications that is targeted at a wide array of legal issues. It is usually the vehicle of the national discourse on socio-legal traditions such that real issues have defined answers under the law. They serve as a source of research and also provide a scholarly analysis of emerging law concepts from diverse areas such as Administrative Law, Animal Welfare Law, Antitrust and Competition, Common Law, and Torts & Insurance, amongst others. 

The activities of The Law Review are traditionally handled by law students as it presents them with a unique learning opportunity and an improvement in the strength of their analytical skills. Case Comments, Notes, and Lectures among many others are some of the student-produced features of the law review.

In an interview with the UCJ UNILORIN, the Chief Justice of the Students Union, Honourable Justice Muadh Ola-Lawal Abolaji, mentioned that “in recent years, some have claimed that the traditional influence of law reviews is declining. This is why the Judicial council, Student Union, University of Ilorin has decided to join the trend and reignite the aura of this age-long journal by establishing a one-of-a-kind and all-inclusive law review that does not only reign throughout the Ilorin metropolis but also travels across the globe in a bid to restore the relevance and influence of the Law Reviews.”

The CJSU mentioned that “the Unilorin Law Review enjoys support from eminent personalities in the law, law firms and most especially The Write-House Legal Writing Consultant and Trainers reputable for their generous clientele network on legal writing, drafting, and research. They shall provide trainers and other training facilities for members of the Law Review.”

The Law Review is projected to have a Community, whose membership is highly sought after by law students, for reasons including that it often has a significant impact on their subsequent careers as lawyers. Also, it is intended that the skills of intense writing, research, and editing experience would be gained by its members as it would be invaluable to their legal and professional careers, while others recognize the selection process as helping differentiate the best and the brightest from an already strong group of law students.

The Unilorin Law Review [U.I.L.R.] is stated to be aimed at working with the best hands-on campus across all fields of study, from all faculties within the University of Community, thereby not only bringing out the best of the students’ research and writing activities but also building a professional career with them from undergraduate level – such that would enjoy global recognitions.

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