August 4, 2021


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JUST IN: SU President Passion to face court trial over procurement of vehicle

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By Adedeji Azeezat

The Unilorin Students’ Union President, Okoko Wisdom (Passion) is to face court trial starting today, 14th of April 2020 over a purported illegal procurement of a Toyota Sienna LE with plate number 5OV-149FG, for the Students’ Union.

The purchase of the vehicle is being challenged by a claimant, Bello Bilal Shola who claims inter-alia that it was illegal for the President to have procured and consummated the procurement of the said vehicle without prior notice to the general public of the union. In addition, the purchase of the vehicle has not been publicized by the President.

Bello who also claimed to be an active trader of motor vehicle in Ilorin Kwara State also stated that the refusal of the President to open the purchase of the vehicle to bids was not only a relegation of his duties but also a denial of opportunities to the student populace to tender bids for the sale of the desired property which adversely affects his business.

Bello further pressed that had the President given proper opportunity to members of the student public to tender bids for the sale of the vehicle, he would have utilized the opprtunity to enter the contract with the Union.

A collective perusal of these grounds, according to the claimant, pushed for the institution of the case against the President of the SU.

In an interview with our corespondent, the President declined comment saying he was “not interested in talking about the case for now.”

3 thoughts on “JUST IN: SU President Passion to face court trial over procurement of vehicle

  1. it’s getting frightening the rate at which students use unionism to better their lives and upgrade. I was ruminating over this same sienna bus a few days ago. my thought was that the sienna was donated to the student union, even if it was why can’t they plead with the donor to instead provide commercial buses that will help in mitigating transportation crises on campus and will serve as source of revenue to the s. u. rather, they prefer that which they can use in cruising

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