July 28, 2021


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Klopp: When I don’t think Liverpool can compete, I’ll go

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Jurgen Klopp is steadfast in his belief that his Liverpool side can remain a competitive side in the Premier League over the long haul. The Reds sit sixth in the league heading into Saturday’s clash with second-placed Manchester United at Anfield, but could close the gap on their rivals to four points with a win at home. The idea has been floated that, under Jose Mourinho and with the massive amount of investment United have made under his watch, a gap is once again opening up between the two most successful clubs in the country’s history. But Klopp does not believe that his club will be left behind and claims that if he ever feels that way, he’ll head for the exit. “In the moment when I think we cannot be successful — and there is only consolation — I go,” Klopp told reporters. “Why should I be here as some kind of caretaker until the world creates a manager who can be more successful? That makes no sense. I am really convinced.” “If your neighbour has a better situation — he’s got one more car, he gets to go on one extra holiday — does it mean you can’t enjoy your own situation?”


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