May 17, 2022


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Korope fare to and from Oke-Odo remains N50 — SU President, Passion says

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By Amazing Grace

The Students’Union president, Comrade Okoko Wisdom Oluwaseun aka Passion, yesterday at the Union’s Press Briefing marking the 100th day in office of the current administration reiterated that transportation fare to Oke-Odo Axis remained fifty naira as agreed upon with the shuttle drivers.

The Press Briefing organised by the Public Relation Office of the union was held in school main auditorium was with the theme “rebranding the value system”.

In attendance were representatives from Union of Campus Journalists, UCJ University of Ilorin chapter who acted as the main press body that questioned the stewardship of the Union sincr the inception of this Passion-led administration. Other press bodies were campus private PRs, the University of Ilorin FM and Unilorin Bulletin.

Many topical issues were brought up by the Press members ranging from the trasnportation issue which has become a perennial one in the school, to what could be termed the negligence of an important asoeca of the consititution that recognizes the convergence of congress, and to the most recent case of loan purportedly owes by the students Affairs Unit of the school.

Firstly, reacting to the issue of Korope, the student union President stated that the korope drivers had been clamouring for an increment in transport fare over years which the Union stood their ground that they would not buy into the idea; that the agreement of the union and the korope is still as forwarded in the busy, but what the transport union is practicing currently, according to him, was rebellion against the union. Passion maintained that everything the Korope shuttle drivers are doing now has been on their own, however the union is trying to keep them on campus pending the time the alternatives will work out.

When requested of President Passion to make clarification on the Congress meeting (as stipulated in the Constitution) which had been abandoned by the predecessors, and it was stated in the constitution that there should be at least once in a semester.

To this, the president said one of the most important agenda of their administration is giving proper account to the student populace and there is a slot for Congress meeting in their schedule.

Moving forward to the questions on the finances of the Students’ Union so far, specifically of the scenario in which the Students’ Union’s lent out some amount of money to the Students’ Affairs Unit of the school.

Reacting to this, Com. Okoko Wisdom Oluwaseun explained, he said the claim was true but the money was borrowed for the union running which ought to be released by the school management through Student Affairs which as at when needed, the school hasn’t released so the students affairs management ask the union to lend them and the president said it had been returned.

And the financial secretary, Com. Faran was asked that during the press night, he promised to always release the press report of the union to the student populace as at when due which he had failed to fulfil so far; he justified himself by saying work has started concerning that and he’ll release it soonest.

On Unilorin Idol contest, the press frown on the usage of Instagram like to disqualify the contestants with lower like and it was said the disqualification should be based on talent and hardwork. It was said that this will automatically disqualify an introvert who can’t strom the street of Unilorin to beg for likes, at the sametime doesn’t have PR or influencers as friend but has the talent that can take him to final stage.

Speaking on behalf of the Social Director who was absent, the president said the strategy is to increase the publicity of the programme, as well as to cut expense. The press member said its very wrong to seek for cheap publicity of the programme at the expense of disqualifing contestants with the lowest likes and it show that the programme lacks proper planning. The president concluded that they’ll looking into it.

The distinguished personalities present were the Kwara State NUCJ chairman, the Sub Dean of the Students Affairs Unit, Dr. Alex Akanmu, the Chief Justice of the Student Union, the Registral, senators amongst others

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