May 19, 2022


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By Shola-Adido Oladotun

Hello Ladies! Okay, remember the last article where I introduced to you one of the most attractive, charming, down to earth and loyal accessories ever created by the forces of fashion — the boots. Fueled by my newly found obsession towards the must have footwear, and my desire for you guys to own at least a pair, I decided to do this sequel article that informs you on the many ways you can style a boot.

Beyond having a basic understanding on the origins and types of boots, it is very important for you to also know how to style them. Think about this; remember we compared the boot to a secret lover that every girl needs to have as a backup plan just in case things goes south with her boyfriend?

So, you are in a relationship with a guy and he suddenly dumps you for another girl. After your many days of crying and watching sappy romantic comedy movies, you decide to make him jealous by strutting down the street where he lives in a gorgeous pair of boots. Fortunately for you, he is out on the streets hanging out with his friends, and his new girlfriend.

Excited to show off your beautiful secret lover, you begin to walk the street like it is your a runway. Optimistic that he is going to call you, begging you to take him back, you stare at the phone for hours. Your phone rings, and when you pick it up, it is a text from him saying, ‘Though I’m no fashion expert, I know for sure you were a fashion disaster today. My girlfriend could not believe you were once my girlfriend. So glad I dumped you.’ You get angry and begin to wonder if the one accessory you trust betrayed you, asking yourself what went wrong.

I will tell you what went wrong, YOU STYLED THE BOOTS WRONG!

One thing you should always remember that there is a limit to what an accessory can do, especially the boots. You don’t expect to combine it with the wrong outfit and get to look pretty and glamorous as you expected. An unpopular opinion goes, ‘an outfit can either make or mar a boot.’

In this article, I am going to be giving you some amazing tips on how properly style boots with any outfit of your choice.


Before we dive straight into the styling tips, there is something you guys need to know about. Now, don’t be scared, we are not having another history lesson. In addition to the various types of boots we mentioned in the part one of this article, there are also various sizes of boots you need to know about.

The ankle boot

If you haven’t seen this size of boot then you definitely must have heard of it. The ankle boot is no stranger to the world of fashion, since it is commonly worn by fashion trendsetters, models and literally almost everyone. Notable for its versatility, the ankle boot is the size of boots that reaches one to four inches above the ankle.


As the name sounds fun and quirky, so does the booties look like. Some of us might not be familiar with the word bootie, probably wondering in our minds what this fashion related word means. The bootie is another size of boot that reaches the ankle when worn. Over time, it has been realized that people often mix up the booties with the ankle boots, which is very wrong. Note; the ankle boots ends one to four inches above the ankle, while the booties end at the ankle.

Mid-calf and Knee Boots

The mid-calf boots end at the thickest part of your calf. It is the size of boots you rarely find people wearing; because sometimes it tends to make it wearers look short, stumpy and create an illusion of their legs looking bigger.
The Knee boots on the other hand needs no further discussion, because as the name implies, it is the size of boots that reaches the knee of its wearer.

Over the Knee and Thigh high boots

Spotlight! Ladies, focus your attention on the boots of the hour; the over the knee and thigh high boots. These sizes of boots are basically every fashion obsessed lady go-to-boots, especially when they want to show off some leg skin but do not want to appear like they are showing it or too much of it.
Like the ankle boots and the booties, there are some mix-ups when it comes to identifying these two types of boots. The over the knee boots and thigh high boots are only different when it comes to the inches of their shafts. While the over-the-knee boots has a 20 and 25 inch shaft, the thigh-high has a shaft over 25 inches.

But just in case you are not good at measuring (like me) or probably don’t care about what shaft inch they have, you can just try them on, bearing in mind that the one that reaches above your knee is the over the knee boots, and the one that reaches your thigh is the thigh-high boots. Volia.

Boots: Sizes and Tips on how to style them

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