May 26, 2022


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By Shola-Adido Oladotun


With the increasing number of unfaithful men in relationships, every lady needs to have a ‘backup’ plan. And by backup plan, we are not talking about having another guy, we mean having something you are sure would always be there for you, faithful and loyal. Something that makes you feel confident as a lady; something that adds that extra fabulousness to your personality, something that tells the whole world that you are a boss lady; something like the boot. 

Boots are essential items in the life of every lady. They are the type of footwear that is always there for you through a hard breakup, presentation at work, meeting your boyfriend’s family for the first time, and traveling around the world. Boots have this unique ability to make you look glamourous, uber chic, and captivating. They even help make that unfaithful ex-boyfriend of yours feel jealous whenever he sees you striding down the street with so much confidence and pride. He would regret ever not valuing you. 

In this article, we are going to be informing you of everything you need to know about this secret lover. So ladies, brace up yourself as I introduce you to ‘the boot.’


Before we gush about the various types of boots and different ways to style them, let us make a pit stop at the Fashion history book to know how one of fashion’s greatest inventions came to be. 

According to Wikipedia, boots have been in existence for a few centuries now with the oldest form consisting of separate leggings, soles, and uppers worn together to provide ankle protection than shoes and sandals. Around 1000BC, these components were permanently joined to form a single unit that covered the feet and lower leg, often up to the knee. Fast forward to the 1700s, where boots became popular in Europe among militants and the likes, paving the way for the creative fashion forces to adjust and manipulate them to the most loved and used footwear we have today. 


Simple; as we said earlier, it’s faithful, meaning you can trust it never to betray you but give you the confidence and chic look you so much desire. 


Before you grab your purse, tell your roommates goodbye, enter a bus or taxi, and go to the mall to get yourself a pair of gorgeous boots, you need to have a basic understanding of the different types of boots there are. Trust us, you don’t want to just buy any type of boot and match it with the wrong outfit. 

One amazing thing about boots is it comes in different sizes, shapes, and colors, which means there is a boot out there for every lady. Some types of boots are listed below;

  1. The Stiletto boots


Remember the famous stiletto heels that are very popular and known to be common in open-toe shoes, it will surprise you to know that the type of quite thin and tall heel can also be found in boots. 

Stilletto boots give a lady a touch of class and sophistication, adding an extra ‘ huh’ to the ensemble. The stiletto boots can be paired with almost any outfit, taking that outfit from a scale of 2 to  9. 

  1. Combats boots


Want a boot that doesn’t look too feminine or masculine? You just want to find that boot that lies in between both gender spectrum and makes you feel very comfortable. Then I present to you the combat boots.

 Being a heavy boot, usually, lace and close-fitting with hard leather, the combat boots adds an edgy touch to your look, making you feel super cool and chic at the same time. 

  1. Platform boots


 Time to step up your boot game with the Platform boots. Earning their name from platforms, which are usually high, the platform boots are known for their high heel that features an almond toe, allowing its wearer to be comfortable with the style. 

A fashion legend has it that the platform boot possesses the ability to attract and hold the attention of whosoever sees it. 

  1. Pointed boots

Fancy, classy, and versatile; the pointed boots are gifted boots endowed with amazing qualities like these. With its sharp toe edges, it gives a certain rock and roll vibe to its wearer.

  1. Denim boots

It’s denim season, ladies. Over the years, we all have come to accept the fact that denim isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, it’s a trend that is here to stay. So it should not be a surprise when amazing designers utilized this retrospective material to create a gorgeous pair of boots. Denim boots are cool especially when they are ripped or bleached.

  1. Metalic boots


Celebrities, kindly move over. Whenever we see someone wearing a metallic boot, it is either a celebrity performing at a concert or trying to make a fashion statement. Metallic boots can be worn by any lady, due to the significant quirky factor it adds to attire. It is a great boot that is suitable for night parties. 

  1. Cut out boots

Every lady loves to show off some skin, and beyond cutouts on tops, you can take it further by getting a boot with its toe cut out. Cut-out boots allow you to flaunt your perfect clear feet skin, and are more attractive when made with faux leather material. 

  1. Clear boots

Tired of the cliche types of boots, and hoping to break free, then the Clear boots are the perfect fit for you.  As an unpopular saying goes, ‘In fashion, you always have to do something abnormal to create a trend.’ The Clear boot is a way to make a bold fashion statement that will leave your friends and strangers talking for months. 

The  Clear boots arare generally made of transparent plastic, which makes the feet of the wearer visible. The boots feature block heels and pointed toes that look quite upgraded in a chick way. The Clear boot is sure to make you fabulous. 


Apart from the types of boots listed above, there is a classification of boots according to length. For example, there is the ankle, over the ankle, mid-calf, knee-length, over-knee, and thigh boots. More about these lengths of boots will be discussed in part 2 of the article, which will center around how to style a boot with your outfit. 

We Hope you enjoyed reading this article?

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