May 17, 2022


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Royal Owoichognonene Bonny

Done with a tiring and choking day at last.

After back-to-back, no break classes —

brain and energy drained out,

sets for home to reboot for another round.

Hungry and fagged out.

Touched his pocket to feel what’s in.

Out of the few notes in the wallet

only one note is a currency note.

The spirit is weak, the flesh is weaker,

nothing in the bowels, not even water

dares not touch a penny from the note.

Might have to trek kilometers if he ventures

with friends who have been Sapa-cised

No one definitely has a penny to spare,

goes ahead with the hope, “I’ll get home soon.”

Something laughs “Oh! Ye of too much faith!

“Come ye, come faster thou students,

welcome to the congregation of like-minds.

Come swiftly, Mama Queue beckoneth.

Come to Mama, join her standing occupants!”

It’s been two hours he left for park

He is not home and not back in class

Your instincts tells you where he might be


Among the children of Israel leaving Egypt.


Royal is a 200 level Mass Communication student, University of Ilorin.

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