May 17, 2022


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Adedeji Azeezat

The Legal Aid Clinic, Unilorin organized a social justice campaign tagged “Ending Sexual Violence Amongst Children” and it was carried out on the 22nd of July at Chapel secondary school, Tanke, Ilorin. 

Clinicians went out to enlighten and orientate the target audience who are students of Chapel secondary school, on the dangers of sexual violence, its causative factors, preventive measures, and solutions.

Clinician Muhammad Faizah Atu, Peace John-Kalio, Dabira Niji Olawepo, Aliyyah Adegboye, and Azeezat Adedeji gave enlightening speeches at the female session after the Clinic Manager, Isiaka Azeez Ayinde, and the Deputy Clinic Manager, Olaniyan Mary introduced the students to the events that subsequently took place. 

The session with the male students was anchored by Clinician Ajide Yusuf, Gerald Ayomide, Tunji Lawal, James Titiloye, and Baiyeshea John.

After the enlightening session held for the male and female students, the students expressed their gratitude for the event in an interview with the Public Relations Officer of the clinic, Nafisat Abdulmaleek, and our correspondents. 

The Management of the school showed their appreciation noting that they hope the event is not a one-time event as educating programs of that nature are necessary for a school environment.

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