June 30, 2022


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Liberty Chambers organises Fresher’s Moot Competition

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The preliminaries for the Moot competition started on Wednesday 31st of March, 2021 by 5:00pm.

The preliminaries included four teams which are; Team Lord Advocate, Team Deputy Lord Advocate, Team Attorney General and Team General Secretary.
All teams consisted of five participants each.

As the competition began,team lord advocate and team general Secretary battled each other in lecture room 4, in the Faculty of Law while team deputy lord advocate and team attorney general competed at lecture room 3 in the Faculty.

As it’s customary for judges to be present at all moot competition. The judges for the preliminaries were:
•Justice Ola-lawal Mu’az
•Justice Shomope Abdulrasheed
•Omopupa Muhammad Awwal(President of the bar)
•Justice Erinle Usman
•Abdulbasit Adetoyebi Mustapha(SAU)
• Abdulkareem Abdulrahim Kura(AG LSS)

Each participant were judged on their knowledge of law, time management and advocacy.

After a heated battle, the judges gave their comments on the overall performance of the participants.

The preliminaries came to an end by 7:33pm with the announcement of the teams that emerged to the finals. The successful teams are team attorney general and team general secretary.

The finals is slated to hold on the 6th of April, 2021.

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