May 26, 2022


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Life endangering waste pile; Unilorin students call for management’s intervention

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“The refuse is increasing on a daily basis. It has been there for months and it is hazardous to health” a student told our reporter.

Very close to Unilorin Lagos Female Hostel and about 10 meters away from Korope shuttle park, is a refuse collection site where wastes are being piled for disposal by conveying vehicles.

Apart from the non befitting site for refuse collection; as it disfigures the environment, the site is very close to a hall of residence and almost behind the Kitchen of a popular restaurant at Lagos Female Hostel.

The refuse increases on a daily basis as more waste is being added and has been there for over a month, our reporter learnt.

Residents of Lagos female hostel, passersby alike lamented of the disgusting odor from the refuse and possibility of contamination of fresh oxygen for breathing.

The abandoned refuse is therefore a threat to good health and by extension, lives of people.

Students therefore call on the university management to save lives by ensuring safe healthy environment for living.

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