May 19, 2022


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Lives, property worth millions lost as firestorm raises Ibadan Spare Parts shops

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SHUAIB Qowiyyah Omolola

The news of a firestorm that gulped lives and property worth millions came up on Friday, 2nd of April,this year, 2021 through social media and direct information from witnesses.

The firestorm claimed properties of victims, millions of naira and shops got demolished as tyre sellers woke up to burnt tyres in their thousands.

The fire outbreak was still on as though the firefighters were said to have arrived the scene on time but their responses seemed insignificant because passages to the fire scenario got obstructed by the spare parts traders tried saving out of the fire.

As a result of the blockage by the spare parts, the firefighters’ endeavor and exertion to put out the fire didn’t come out as fast as possible as the ugly occurrence continued for hours close to nine.

One of the witnesses claimed that the fire escalated from a short burst of electrical discharge in one of the workshops.
And because it was sudden,the fire wasn’t able to be put off and it got escalated.

It claimed so many lives and amongst those that lost their lives is a man, who took a run at regaining his money,an amount of 10million naira but unfortunately,got caught by the fire. He was hastily conveyed to a hospital,Oluyoro Hospital but couldn’t survive. Therefore, losing his life to the fire.

Another man was said by an eyewitness to have lost an acquired amount of wares from hustling. “The wares are worth #45 million naira.” He said.

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