May 17, 2022


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LSS and Chambers: Need For a Unified Freshers’ Week

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 Abdussalam Abdulqoyyum

One of the most recurrent annual traditions amongst major student bodies on the University of Ilorin campus is the freshers’ orientation and acclimatization week, popularly known as; The Freshers’ Week. But history has proven that the most glamorous and time-consuming of all is that organized by the Faculty of Law, University of Ilorin.

Being an area of learning with unlimited scope, Law Students have a plethora of clubs and organizations dedicated to the knowledge and improvement of members and it is even believed that almost every year in the Faculty of Law, a new club is made.

In the words of the National Director for Socials, Law Students Association of Nigeria (LAWSAN), Mr. Dauda Abdurrazaq Gidado, “law students hold, on average, the highest number of associations in the school.”

However, among this plethora of organizations, only five are known for organizing the Freshers’ Week; the Law Students Society (LSS), Equity Chambers, Human Rights Chambers, Justice Chambers, and Liberty Chambers. The effect of having five organizations organize one event for the same set of students is described by Mr. Ibrahim Ismail Mojisola, the President of the Law Students’ Society, when he said “it takes up to 6 to 7 weeks to finish the event and each week is embedded with the same event such as oratory contest, quiz, debate, etc” and this is the premise on which they decided that this year, they will merge the five events as one.

Be that as it may, it’s believed that the Freshers’ Week means different things to individual Chambers. According to Muhammad Sesan, Freshers’ Week, to Equity Chambers, has been an avenue to welcome the 100 level and Direct Entry students to the faculty and not just bringing them in as members.

Ibrahim Faruq Adeiza, Lord Advocate of the Human Rights Chambers, made it known that it is a constitutional requirement to develop the freshers on not only law but also skills needed for beginners to survive in the legal terrain.

Muhammad Atu Faizah, Principal Partner 1 of Justice Chambers further reveals that it is primarily a means of welcoming new members into the fold. Similarly, to Dauda Ridwan Sarumi, it is a means by which Liberty Chambers enlightens, orientates, and sensitizes new members of the Chambers about law, the Faculty of Law itself, and the University at large.

However, the President of the Law Students’ Society, Mr. Ibrahim Ismail Mojisola, in his address stated the lack of luxury of time as the need to merge the Freshers’ Week. “Exams are coming up next month and LSS is planning to help the students with tutorials. If we start having events every week, these students might lose focus because they want to compete and win in these competitions and might forget they need a certain CGPA to maintain their studentship.” He stated 

Having presented the reasons to the Head of Chambers, they had no choice but to accept the unification which of course was done for variant reasons.

Muhammad Sesan, Equity Chambers accepted because of the surrounding circumstances affecting the school calendar; Lord Activist of Human Rights Chambers, Ibrahim Faruq Adeiza agreed because he believes it helps save time, cost, and energy; Justice Chambers agreed because they concede to the fact that the event is duplicitous and the unification will help preserve resources; Liberty Chambers agreed because it helps the freshers focus on their primary assignment on campus.

This is why when the heads of Chambers were asked whether the merging would be perpetual or otherwise, Chambers like Equity and Justice are open to the possibility of its continuity while Human Rights and Liberty are quite determined that it is circumstantial and shouldn’t be repeated.

However, students in the faculty are happy about the recent decision and hope that it is maintained. In an interview with one Ologunde Ajijola, a 200 level of the faculty, she expressed her happiness. “If this initiative was for us when we were in 100 level, it would have been extraordinary, to say the least, because I believe that the joint initiative of the four Chambers and LSS would be better than any other individual chamber freshers’ program,” She said.

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