May 17, 2022


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LSS Holds Orientation for Fresh Students

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Ajadi Hussein Kehinde

The Executive Council of the Law Students’ Society, Faculty of Law, University of Ilorin has on Tuesday, the 3rd of August within the premises of the Faculty of Law, organised an orientation programme for the newly admitted students of the faculty.

The orientation programme which is a norm and culture in the Faculty each session was held to officially welcome the ‘freshers’ to the Faculty and the University, enlightening them on the rules and regulations of the Faculty and the University at large, to provide guidelines and guidance for them on what to expect in their journey in the Institution.

The week-long “Freshers’ Orientation Programme” which kicked off on Monday, the 2nd of August with a mentorship session was followed by the orientation programme amidst quiz and oratory competitions. The event was graced with words of wisdom from dignitaries like the Distinguished Honourable Kayode Tijani Ismail, who advised the students as a father figure, Dr. Mrs. Raji who educated the students on the Faculty’s and University’s dress code, and Prof. AbdulRaheem Nimotalahi Modupe who played an important role in the event.

The Public Relations Officer of the Society when approached, stated that “the purpose of the program was for the enlightenment and acquittance of the new students to different spheres of college life for an easy transition, know about the rules that guide the faculty and the university at large and impact positively on them academically. I believe we were able to achieve these and more.”

In another interview with one of the newly admitted students who were present at the orientation programme and also a participant in the quiz competition, Mr. Damilare, expressed his pleasure and happiness at the executive of the society for a well-coordinated and conducted event. He stated that he was happy at the end because he learnt a lot from the event and he was full of praise for the executive members of the LSS. In his words, he said “We like all the LSS members, they always pay us regards. They respect us and act as if we were mates.”

The event was graced with the honour of the presence of dignitaries like the Distinguished Honourable Kayode Tijani Ismail, Dr. Mrs. Raji, and Prof. AbdulRaheem Nimotalahi Modupe.

The orientation/quiz and oratory contest were just one of the outlined events for the orientation programme. The event continued with a friendly match between the ‘Freshers’ and the ‘Staylites’ on Thursday, 5th of August in which the old students suffered a 3-1 defeat to the new students and also, a trip to Ajase Ipo a town in Ifelodun Local Government Area of Kwara State on Friday, 6th of August, and a picnic for the fresh students at the School Dam on Saturday, the 7th of August 2021.

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