May 26, 2022


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LSS House suspends Financial Secretary, releases official notice

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By Abdussalam AbdulQoyyum Olayinka

On Friday, 12th of March, 2020, the Financial Secretary of the Law Students’ Society (LSS), Mr. Alawode Abass was suspended in accordance with section 55 of the LSS Constitution.

Mr. Alawode, who has been called upon several times to give the statement of account of the association to the House and has always come up with excuses, was summoned alongside other members of the Central Executive Council (CEC) and once again failed to present the said document.

As the financial secretary, Mr. Abass has failed to uphold the provisions of section 24 of the LSS Constitution which mandates him to publish financial reports on the faculty board. He also mentioned that the last time he pasted a statement of account on the notice board was in the month of January, 2020.

Having violated the constitution, the House enforced their power of impeachment in accordance with Section 55 of the LSS Constitution.

However, Mr. Alawode Abass has stated in an interview that he hasn’t recieved any official notice as to his removal and refused to comment further even though according to the constitution, once the house has moved, no official notice is required.

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