May 19, 2022


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Akintola Abduljalal

On Thursday, the 8th of July, the Law Students’ Society Independent Electoral Commission conducted a bye-election for the various vacant offices in the LSS House of Assembly and the office of Social Secretary.

It could be recalled that the Commission conducted a general election during the closing weeks of the 2019/20 academic session. However, the said election couldn’t fill all political offices in the LSS Executive Council and House of Assembly.

The bye-election was meant to fill 10 seats in the House, 1 seat for the 500 level Constituency, and 3 seats for each of 400 level, 300 level, and 200 level Constituencies.

However, as it stands, no member of the Society has indicated an interest in contesting for the office of the Social Secretary. This shows a high possibility of having another bye-election anytime soon in the coming weeks.

In the broadcast of the commission on the election results, Ajalogun Olalekan was elected(returned) as a representative of the 500 level constituency.

The trio of Eleja Hussein Kehinde, Ajewole Samuel, and Busari Jamaldeen was returned as Representatives of the 400 level constituency.

Musa Abdulgafar, Adeyeni Kolade, and Abass Yaqub Lasunkanmi are to represent the 300 level constituency. While Ajibade Hamzah and Oyebanji Bilal were both elected to represent the interest of the 200 level constituency. 

In an interview by our correspondent, one of the electorates commented that  “the election was free, fair and transparent”

In an interview with one of the returned candidates, Mr. Busari Jamaldeen declared that the election “was free and fair as the electoral officers were very professional in the conduct of the whole electioneering process”

The Commission made a release on the BYE-ELECTION results, congratulating all returned candidates into the LSS HOUSE. However, the 200 level Constituency still has a vacant legislative seat at the House.

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