May 19, 2022


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LSS President Bamidele Appoints New Executive Officials

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By LSS Press

On the 3rd of February, 2021, the President of Law Students’ Society, Bamidele Kamaldeen, appointed new executive officials. Appointment letters and congratulatory messages circulated various social networking sites which pointed at some executive appointments made in the Faculty by the President of the Faculty.

In an interview with our correspondent, the President said the appointments were made in order to “ease the process of serving Unilawrites and to make the administration more inclusive.” He added that they were appointed “personally” and based on “merit.” He also gave a full list of the appointed executive officials thus:

Chief of Staff- Adekanye Waliyullah

Personal Assistant- Oluwabukola Oiza

Legal Adviser – A.A Mustapha

Chief Press Secretary- Qayyim Adedimeji

Special Assistant on Media and Publicity- Zubaidah

Special Assistant on Projects- Razak

Special Adviser on Legislative matters- Thaoban Oloriegbe

Special Adviser on Clubs and Chambers- Omobolanle Dada

Special Adviser on External Affairs- Hauwa Usman

Special Adviser on Social Matters- Halimah

Special Adviser on Legal Education- Taofik Waliu.

Waliu Taofik, the newly appointed Special Adviser on Legal Education said the appointment came “as a surprise” adding that he believes he was appointed based on merit and the consistency with which he conducts tutorials for junior colleagues.

New appointed Press Secretary turns down offer

Meanwhile, the new appointed Press Secretary to the President, Adedimeji Quayyim, has turned down the offer.

Quayyim premised his decision on the violation of ethics of his chosen path as a journalist, and in any event, to avoid conflict of interests in the discharge of his roles.

He declined his appointment in the late hours of the day his appointment was announced, because according to him, “the appointment conflicts with Press duties.”

Pressman Adedimeji added that it is in Press rules that journalists are not to be partisan as this can affect the objectivity of a journalist.

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