June 25, 2022


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MACAA holds Citizens Conference, Ilorin 2018

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Millennials Active Citizenship Advocacy Africa, (MACAA) held her 2018 Citizens Conference themed ‘Not Too Young To Run and Then What?’ on 11th of August, 2018 at Government House Banquet Hall, Ilorin, Kwara State.
MACAA, an organization that aims at building the active interest of youths in politics, had her first conference with politicians as panellists and the youths as audience of an interactive session. The interactive session was a question and answer session following the display of videos

The first video played to the audience highlighting political issues that have sprung up in the nation, showed former Prime Minister Tafawa Balewa’s visit to the United States with the then US President, John F. Kennedy receiving him at the airport, a contrast video was displayed showing Buhari’s visit to the US without a reception by the president like the former.
Convener, Seun Awogbenle directed a question to the Speaker of Kwara State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon Ali Ahmad:
‘Comparing both videos; has Nigeria lost its greatness?’
“Nigeria is not as it was and we have disappointed the whole world”- Ahmad Ali

Next, the video of a music track said to portray the state of the country “This is Nigeria” by Falz was played before the audience. The convener directed his question to Yemisi Adeojo, Economic Advisory Trainee and Co-founder Triift Africa.
“Is this truly Nigeria?”
“This video has highlighted the negative part of Nigeria but this is not all of Nigeria… where are the hardworking people?”- Yemisi Adeojo

The video of President Buhari which was interpreted to have meant he said “Nigerian youths are lazy” was played, the question that followed was tendered to Hon Moshood Bakare, a member of Kwara State House of Representatives
  “Is the youths lack of involvement in politics a result of their laziness?”
 “Buhari said what he knew, It is a challenge for youths to do more work…”- Moshood Bakare

Other videos were played and several issues were raised, issues ranging from politicians willing to serve the populace well, women-involvement in politics and the challenges that obtain, the ensuing political apathy with youths being the most affected.
The program proved educative and interactive for the audience as the question & answer session continued till the end of the program.

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