May 19, 2022


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Mad Melon Of Danfo Drivers Dies After Battle With Illness

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Rasheed Damilola Ahmed

The report that Mad melon of the popular music group of the early 20s, ‘Danfo driver’ has passed away was announced during the late hours of Thursday 26/9/2019. The musician died after battling an undisclosed illness.

Danfo driver was a popular music group in early 2000s with there unique style which till date remained admired by Nigerians. Until his death Mad melon was part of the popular group which also had Mountain Black as a member.

In a video posted on Instagram, a music Icon Daddy showkey expressed his sadness.
“What kind of sad news is this, what kind of sad news is this, what kind of sad news is this. Oh my God, we just lost somebody, I just heard it, just now, when dem go dey tell people make dem dey hear, make dem dey hear”, he said.

Other musicians and well meaning people have also expressed their sadness.

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