June 25, 2022


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Mass Comm students launches cleanliness campaign

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The 300 level department of Mass Communication students of International Communication and Community Relations, has launched her annual  one-day sanitation programme within the faculty of Communication and Information Sciences tagged #CISCLEANANDSAFE.
The sanitation program organised  by the students were extensions of their courses, where students were charged with the responsibility of cleaning the faculty while students of community relations took the faculty as a community and cleaned it up as a basic theme gleaned from the course.
The lecturer in charge of International Communication, Dr. L.K Mustapha, said, the international system is filled with multiple problems including the environmental hazards befalling nations of the world, therefore if everyone chooses to clean its corner the world will be a better place to survive.
Lecturer in charge of Community Relations, Mrs. M.L Mustapha, applauded the students for a job well-done while she encouraged students to be ambassadors of environmental sanitation.
The programme was graced by the Dean of the faculty, the HOD mass communication and the lecturers-in-charge of both courses, who commissioned the cleaniness campaign.

GOUNDIPE, Abdulhakeem.

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