June 25, 2022


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Mexico warns US about ending Nafta trade deal

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Ending the North American Trade Agreement (Nafta) would break relations between Mexico and the US, the Mexican foreign minister has warned.
Luis Videgaray spoke ahead of a new round of trade talks this week between the US, Mexico and Canada.
The talks to update the 1994 deal have become increasingly acrimonious, with Mexico and American business groups saying US proposals would hurt trade. This week, President Donald Trump repeated threats to scrap the deal.
He pointed to the trade deficit with Mexico as unfair to the US. His administration has said it was seeking to reduce it and called for a major overhaulof the agreement.
The head of the US Chamber of Commerce, Thomas Donahue, warned that scrapping the deal would endanger $1 Tr in annual trade.
Mr Videgaray said Mexico was preparing for “different scenarios” the talks might produce and would not remain within the agreement if it was not good for his country.

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