June 25, 2022


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MMGIVIT holds empowerment programme in Ile-apa

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Sustainable education is the bedrock of any country’s development.

There is a need for government to invest more in our education sector, strategically drafting curricula that will not only help groom student for the labor market but rather prepare them to survive in creative industries….

So far in Nigeria, we can’t underestimate the contribution of NGOs in facilitating the growth of education, such is the appreciated effort of MMGIVIT CYVC UNILORIN chapter after their influential visit to Ile Apa community Secondary School in Kwara state. Seeing a dire and urgent need to empower and mentor the students with requisite skills to sustain themselves, considering how the school has been abandoned by those charged to see to its affairs and the total well-being of the students.

The charity group organized an entrepreneurship and mentorship session for the students which was led by Adebiyi Habib Taiwo (Fellow, YALI West Africa), President MMGIVIT CYVC Unilorin.

Mentoring the students will go a long way in helping the children discover their talents and indeed unleash their fullest potentials. The students were taken through a well facilitated practical training session on Barbing, Baking,
Desktop Publishing and soap making.

MMGIVIT is a charity organization that has introduced a new dimension to empowerment in Ilorin Kwara state by redistributing wealth through charity for the upliftment of the
less privileged. The new approach is being championed by a Professor of Business law Prof Muhammed Akanbi(SAN).

Well meaning Nigerians are encouraged to be kind enough to help the less privileged as doing this will be of immense benefits to youths and the progress encountered in our country’s journey towards eradication of poverty and
provision of a good living conditions.

Mr. Adebiyi Habib, (President MMGIVIT CYVC Unilorin) is optimistic of the fact that, this will make more of our youth prosperous and more secured. It will offer a positive path for those who are willing to make something of themselves and can empower those that have previously been locked out of existing social order.

It will also give them a chance to contribute and lead which can eventually create a culture where innovation and creativity are valued.

Many thanks to those that have one way or the other contributed to the success of this project.

May God in his infinite mercy continue to bless you all.

MMGIVIT CYVC 2017/2018

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