May 17, 2022


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Modesty: A Virtue Necessary for Purity

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Modesty will be given different meanings by different people. Since we are different creatures, we tend to have diverse views and opinions on matters of communal attractions.

Modesty to some is about how you speak or relate with others, while it may mean how you cover or expose your nudity.

My perspective have it that modesty is having moderate behaviors, manners and appearances that is intended to avoid indecency and impropriety.

Most discussions on modesty involves clothing, because it is the first thing that defines you. It must not be forgetten, the wise saying that states ‘the way you dress is the way you will be addressed’.

Modesty varies in societies. The family we grew up in, religion and not to forget our culture. These agents of socialization are what shape us into what and who we become. The first agent of socialization(family) as indeed played vital roles in our lives. The people you grew up with, the way they interact with one another, the way they are dress, unequivocally determines and shapes YOU.

For instance, in a family where they feel comfortable walking naked around, exposing their nudity is not a big deal, perhaps they feel it is normal for them to dress that way. Well, we should not forget that what appears to be 9 to someone might be 6 to another. So, in this kind of family where the mother is barely clothed, it is certain that nothing less can be expected from their children.

There are a lot of people out there that are under the influence of their parents, they(parents) not condemning the way they dress and that is one of the problem and places a serious concern. Reverse will be the case of a family where they believe that every inch of their body is their nudity, as it is in some religion where you have to cover every part of your body with the exception of your face and hands.

Importantly, the society where a child grows up also reshapes his or her life. What is rampant in the society we found ourselves is the society where you are franchised to dress indecently and such horrid act is not frowned at.

It is in this same society where youngsters and women of high caliber expose themselves, clothing in nothing but a piece of cloth. How more can it be disheartening than this?

Our society ought to teach us the real virtues.

In this last Nigeria Independence celebration, I saw a lot of pictures on various social media platforms where ladies are not clothed at all, but what is more devastating is the fact that they felt proud of themselves by coloring their body with paint all in the name of celebrating their country’s freedom. Is it not madness? Let us take a moment to ponder over it, what is their gain? Has that improve Nigeria a bit? Has it given her the redemption she crave and clamours for? Of course not.

Exposing your body does not add any value to you or your country. It rather degrade you as a person and as a Nigerian. There a lot of cases where young girls will leave home decently dressed but when they are out, they unleash their real devil. You will not seize to see them in skimpy and degrading wears. Why? Why must we dress and act indecently? What value has it added to our lives? Oh, do you think if I package myself well, almost all my cleavages out on display and my butt is compressed together like a flat hot bread? I stand a chance of guys swooning and falling at my feet.

Oh my precious princess, of course they will always clear the fact that they are guys. But ask yourself these, Am I worthy of him? Am I worth being the mother of his kids? Am I truly a role model for my young ones?

Few years back, there is still some decency even with our indecencies, at least, when we were being corrected we stood the chance of looking shame faced, but now, we have totally thrown caution to the wind.
The so called superstars have also contributed greatly to this immodest and indecent act, thinking that they will be our role models in all ramifications but I’m so disappointed that they are the ones with the highest moral decadence. Displaying cleavages is considered permissible in many setting and it is even a sign of elegance and sophistication. Wearing short pants, seeing them in bikinis. Hey! Who am I to judge? But the truth must be told.

Immodesty on the men part can as well not be overemphasized. Men and women are subjected to different standard of modesty in dressing. While both men and women are expected to cover their genitals, women are expected to cover their breast and parts of high sensitiveness. Men are normally more clothed than women.

Modesty is a virtue necessary for purity. A modest person dresses, speaks and act in a manner that supports, encourages purity and chastity and not in a manner that would tempt or encourage sinful sexual attractions.

Let us wise up.

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