May 19, 2022


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Okorite Joy Harry


” You tell them – you tell them there’s a cost…..Every decision we make in life, there’s always a cost”
-Brad Meltzer.

It’s another Monday morning Lovelies!

What is life without decisions? Then it isn’t life. We keep making decisions in life till we die, it is unavoidable.
Attached to every decision however is a cost! Good or Bad, positive or negative, plenty or few, there is always a cost to every decision.
Since every decision comes with a cost, there is a need to count your cost. What does this mean?
In plain terms, counting your cost means weighing your options before making a decision, in this process, you find the option most suitable and choose it as your decision, so whatever cost(consequence) it brings,you are capable of paying for it, in other words,it is within your power(not necessarily financially).
Why is counting your cost necessary? Most times we do things impulsively for various reasons and when the cost of our decisions come, it is heavy to pay, it becomes a burden.
So, whatever you want to do, anything you wish to embark on, take a sit first, make sure you are in a good state of mind, a mind devoid of worry, anxiety etc. then write all your options or take a mental note of them together with each’s pros and cons.
With this, you’d be able to easily count your cost thereby avoiding a good number of life’s burdens.
Live life simple, by nature it is already complicated!
Have a productive week!

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