May 26, 2022


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“If you don’t stand for something,you’ll fall for anything”

Good morning Lovelies!, welcome to a new working week!

Imagine a world where everyone is the same, our opinions,values,motives,wishes and all not different in the slightest!, you’d agree with me that the world would be a bore! Our differences are what drives us, so why shouldn’t we stand for what we believe in? And that’s what our motivation today, a quote by the famous Alexander Hamilton is preaching.
We should understand that we can’t satisfy everyone and in as much as we want to make people around us happy, our happiness and satisfaction is also important too. Taking this stand would help guide our actions and inactions as we wouldn’t just be without a path in life.
Taking a stand comes in various forms,could be in our careers,businesses and all other everyday lives.
Yes,change is constant, and as we grow and gain more experience we tend to understand certain things better, and our circle could often times affects us, but, our change shouldn’t be a veil for satisfying people thereby falling for anything and consequently not being exactly happy inwardly.And the crystal clear truth?, while you are trying to make one happy, another is being sad!, so why not stand for something?
In addition, tips to help you take your stand includes; Making notes on things you’d love to do(notes can come in form of wish lists, diary, to-do lists, etc), creating a mantra,setting standards and finally, surrounding yourself with like minds and positivities!
Have a great week ahead!

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