May 19, 2022


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Rules To Boost Your Self Esteem

(by:Shyllon Esther Oluwapelumi) 

Its another Monday again!,and while you step out for your various Monday business, there’s something that must be stepped out with too, SELF ESTEEM, for this reason, Motivational Monday today outlines five rules to boost your self esteem.


1. Small Steps Will Get You There

If you’ve lived most of your life with little confidence,  don’t expect to learn it overnight. Aim low for now and set goals with realistic expectations.
Recognize the things you’re good at and focus on that—eventually, you’ll be more confident in doing that and in knowing all your other strengths.

2. Recognize Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Having little self-esteem comes hand in hand with doubting your talents. There may be some things that you’re not good at, and that’s fine.
Learn to differentiate between your strengths and weaknesses to identify what you need to improve. There are now many ways to learn what you do not know. Once you become a more capable employee, you’ll start to see a growth in your self-esteem.

3. Fake It ‘Till You Make It

You’ll be surprised as to how many people actually fake their self esteem like you do. If you’re timid, this may seem like a bold step, but it’s a step into knowing how competent you really are.
Faking it helps you to take on more risks and accept that failure is part of life.

4. Learn to Take Criticisms

As mentioned, no one is ever spared from failure; and failure comes with people who will criticize you for it. Some people have a hard time taking criticisms, even if they were made to make them recognize your mistakes and to better themselves.
If you want to be more confident, don’t wallow in your failure. Rather, accept your mistake, learn from it,listen to the feedback constructively, and move on.

5. Treat Yourself as Your Best Friend, Both in Words and Actions

You eat, sleep, and have fun because it brings you comfort and happiness. But in words, you don’t treat yourself the same. The trick is to be your own best friend—not just in actions but also in words.
Talk about yourself with love and respect because being too critical will just bog you down further. Celebrate your success, no matter how small.

And that is it folks!, there you go!, have a great self esteem filled week ahead!

Stay Motivated!

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