May 26, 2022


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Hello There!, trust you had a nice weekend? Welcome to another week of the motivational Monday, I am Esther Oluwapelumi SHYLLON. As we all know not everyone is good as an Entrepreneur some love the ‘white collar jobs’ and seeks to be successful with it. In that wise, I will be giving you 10 tips to a career success. The first is Take Initiative
Today’s career requirements are highly developed and require much more than someone who won’t take risks since employers look for individuals who can bring fresh ideas to the table and take initiatives, start new profitable projects, pitch new solutions and create new opportunities for the business as against their competitors.
Secondly, You need to Be your own Elevator: One of the best ways to achieve career success is to keep assessing your performance. Don’t wait for your annual appraisal, do it yourself by identity into quantifiable goals and set a timeline for achieving them, create a detailed plan to achieve these goals, break the tasks down into weekly or daily tasks and fill out a form at the end of the week to assess where you’re headed and whether you need to change your strategy…
This will be our stop for this week to allow you ruminate over it and start planning. Look forward to another time with you next week. I love you all and do have a lovely week ahead…

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