June 14, 2021


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Mourinho yet to reveal Barcelona refusal

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José Mourinho gave an exclusive interview broadcast by TF1 programme Téléfoot in which he touched on his managerial career up to his arrival at Manchester United and revealed the motive behind his decision to leave Real Madrid in 2012. Mou also spoke cryptically about why it was Pep Guardiola and not him who took up the coaching post at Barcelona in 2008. 🔰 Being at United: “The only thing I can say is that I am still a manager who has worries, ambitions and a desire to do new things. I am sure that I won’t end my career at United”. 🔰 PSG: “It’s fantastic. My son, who lives in London, went to Paris to watch a Paris Saint-Germain match instead of coming up to Manchester. Why Paris? Because there’s something special there. Magic, quality, youth – it’s fantastic”. 🔰 Decision to leave Madrid: “It was my decision. My daughter was going to university in London and we felt that it was an important moment for the whole family to be united. I also left Real Madrid for personal reasons; it is very important for me to feel happy. I get my best results when I am happy. And in my third year at Real Madrid, I wasn’t happy”. 🔰 Not taking the Barça job in 2008: “Maybe one day I’ll reveal the truth” 🔰 Why not reveal why now? “No, no. These are issues to do with my career which I’d rather keep to myself. Maybe I’ll explain why one day, when I’m old, very old… maybe”.

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