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Newly sworn in Mayor Alejandro Aparicio is the second mayor killed in Mexico since President Lopez Obrador took office last month. At least seventy-two mayors and mayors elect have been killed since 2006, says the Mexico’s National Association of Mayors.

On Tuesday, newly sworn in Mayor Alejandro Aparicio of Tlaxiaco, a town in the Mexican state of Oaxaca was shot dead less than two hours after taking office by a man while on tour around the City Hall central offices.

Aparicio was quickly taken to a local hospital alongside three others who were equally hit. Aparicio was pronounced dead upon arrival. He died of internal bleeding after taking a shot that punctured his right lung, said the state attorney general’s office.

Another local officer was pronounced dead on Wednesday while the remaining two victims were still undertaking treatment.

A 34 year old man simply identified as J. M. V has been arrested in connection with Aparicio’s death.

Oaxaca Governor Alejandro Murat condemned the attack and called for a comprehensive investigation of the incident. He equally sympathizes with Aparicio’s family via a tweet on twitter.

President Lopez Obrador told reporters during a press conference that he was surprised by the attack saying Oaxaca is one of the least violent states in the country.


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