May 19, 2022


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My suspension is unconstitutional, suspended CIS AGS cries out

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By Eze Glory Chika and Jokodolu Rodiat


In a swift response to his purported suspension by the SRC, the Assistant General Secretary of Communication and Information Sciences students Association, CISSA, Comrade Ishaq Muhammad Monsur, yesterday, said the decision of the Students Representative Council, SRC, that suspended him was unconstitutional.

Isiaq, in a virtual and a subsequent physical interview with our correspondents maintained that the decision could not stand as it contravene the provision of the association’s constitution.

While narrating the event that occasioned his suspension at the floor of the congress, he said “I was accused of indecorum in the sitting, which the presiding officer asked me to leave the sitting for 20 minutes; which I did.

“Subsequently after I left the sitting, a motion was raised for my suspension and was supported by another honourable in the house. This move obviously contradicted the provision of Article 5, section 7, item d of the constitution of the communication and information science students association.”, he explained.

When asked if indecorum was explicitly stated to be a punishable offence by suspension under any provision of the association’s law, Monsur said “…no where in the constitution is it that indecorum must lead to suspension. No rule says that.”

He further revealed that the motion that sought for his suspension was not backed by the constitutionally required two-third of the house. He said “about 10 members of SRC” were at the plenary and the two-third should be “six to seven members”. However, in a turn of event, only two members — Hon Korede of ICS and his CSC counterpart, Hon. Quadri — moved and seconded the motion before the presiding speaker, Hon. Ishola Olabisi pronounced the suspension.

In a further investigation into the matter, it came to the notice of UCJ-UNILORIN that the president of the faculty students association was also at the plenary. He confirmed his presence to our correspondent when contacted.

The suspended AGS, while narrating to our correspondents mentioned that, he pleaded after he was found guilty of going against in-house rules, but it was not accepted.

He says, “I’m not guilty of the suspension, because the suspension does not follow due process as stated in the constitution.”

He went further to reveal that if the suspension had followed due process, he would never have been suspended, for the suspension was so swift and fast.

He admitted to the offence of speaking without being observed, however, felt it was in good faith, as he was only discussing with his social director in relation to downsizing the budget on defence. He vowed that he only murmured and made side talks without being audibly disruptive.

He maintained that these sidetalks amounted to indecorum and not indiscipline, as against the purported charges contained in the BC made public.
“By the CISSA constitution, the Congress has the power to reverse the suspension of a SRC member.”

He went further to affirm that an Honourable was about to counter the motion for suspension raised by Hon. Korede, but wasn’t observed by the presiding officer.
Commenting on the rumours that he, the suspended AGS, was asked to leave the sitting 4 times, he had this to say, “I was asked to leave the sitting thrice. The first time, I went against a motion without being observed. The second time, I laughed on the floor of the house. And the third time, was when I made side-talks with the social director. In all of these omissions however, I pleaded.”

“I should be put on a trial, as is the convention, before a proper sanction is pronounced on me.”
In other to lament the woeful judgement laced and coated with the infringement of his right to fair hearing, the suspended AGS took to his Whatsapp status to depict his sorrows with emojis. This was subsequently made known to the house by Hon. Korede, who went further to raise another motion for Monsur’s impeachment, though it was struck off. This was relayed to the suspended AGS, by a congressman present at the sitting, who for cogent reasons claim anonymity.

In addition, the relevant provision of the Communication and Information Science Students Association’s constitution explicitly spells out the requirements for actions of SRC bothering on any act of indiscipline by the erring officer of the Association.

According to the constitution “SRC shall by two-third (2/3) majority votes of the members present exercises the power to suspend and recommend to the congress the removal of a member not CEC after satisfying itself that such officer has fallen short of expectations in discharging his/her duties” (Article 5, section 7, item D; CISSA constitution).

The Association’s Assistant General Secretary was suspended for 5 working days last Sunday, 12th of January for act of indiscipline on the floor of the sitting. His suspension was contained in a press release through Public Relation Officer of the Association, Hon Atanda Israel and co-signed by the chairman Disciplinary committee, Hon Adeniran Funminiyi and the secretary, Hon Bankole Ayopo.

According to the release, Isiaq was found guilty of indiscipline, disruption of plenary session and intentional dishonouring of the in-house rules.

The suspension took effect from Monday, 13th of January and to last on Friday 17th of January, 2020.

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