August 10, 2022


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Myanmar govt🇲🇲 set to drop charges against journalists

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Police in Myanmar say they will drop charges against two journalists and their interpreter and driver, who were jailed after filming with a drone.

The four were working for Turkish broadcaster TRT when they filmed near parliament in the capital Naypyitaw.

They are currently serving two-month sentences for violating an aircraft law, with further charges pending.

But a police lieutenant appeared in a Naypyitaw courtroom on Tuesday to request the charges be dropped.

Addressing the court alongside an immigration officer, Tun Tun Win said the four had not intended to endanger national security.

Cameraman Lau Hon Meng from Singapore, reporter Mok Choy Lin from Malaysia, their interpreter, journalist Aung Naing Soe, and driver Hla Tin, both from Myanmar, were detained on 27 October.

As well as violating the aircraft law, all four faced further charges for importing the drone and the two foreign nationals faced immigration charges.

Tun Tun Win also told the court the decision was intended “to forward the relationship between countries”, referring to Singapore and Malaysia.

A government prosecutor is expected to formally drop the charges on Thursday, Reuters news agency reports.

The four may then be released early from their sentences, which are due to end on 9 January.


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