May 25, 2022


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NAKSS Judicial Council holds Summit 

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LAWAL, Victor  & Abdullahi Jimoh

The  National Association of Kwara state students’ Judicial Council holds Judicial Summit at the NBA Hall High Court, Ilorin under the leadership of  Justice Abdullahi Solihu Dagbo, with its theme “Preparing the 21st Century Lawyers”. The event had in attendance senior legal consultants, justices, law students from Unilorin, and other campuses in Kwara State.

The summit was aimed at giving upcoming lawyers insight on the challenges and prospects faced by 21st-century lawyers, emerging areas of legal practices, and the future of legal practices delivery in Nigeria among others. 

At the outset of the event, the Chairman of the Occasion Chief R.O Balogun points out traits that 21st-century lawyers should work by, thereby affirming the need for integrity, perseverance, and ethics, he stated that money should not be the hallmark of emerging practitioners but they should rather work hard, engage in researches and get a mentor to direct and counsel at the developmental stage.  In his words he says; “What all lawyers must note in this profession is Integrity, as a lawyer without integrity is like a treasury without money”. He as well stressed the need for 21st-century lawyers to embark on constant and conscientious research in other to be on a solid pedestal and stand out as a topnotch and servé Lawyer in the computer age.  

Mr. K.K. Eleja (SAN) reels off the challenges facing the legal profession in the country. He further, told them what they need to know regarding the profession.  The eminent lawyer emphasized the need for mentorship in the profession.   ” You need mentoring, it is indispensable, therefore to look for a reliable person to be your mentor. Another thing is networking, you need to familiarise yourself with other lawyers across the country” he said. The legal luminary did not fail to tell them the prospect and number of opportunities in the present-day legal career.

Professor K.I Adam, the former Dean, Faculty of Law University of Ilorin,  explained how young lawyers could excel as practicing lawyers. He stressed the need for emerging lawyers to understand the stand of the legal profession and business, by saying that the profession they are in legally frowns at lawyers engaging in private businesses While administering their duties. He added that money is important but integrity matters more. 

As the summit progresses, Barrister Muhammad Adam Ndakudu a one-time Scholar of the Faculty of Law Unilorin took the audience on ‘Emerging area of law in Nigeria’. He informed the prospective lawyers of the emerging modern areas under the legal practice, such as health care law, security law, litegacy law among others.  He stressed the need for 21st-century lawyers to write and research more, get acquainted with happenings and recent developments on social media platforms.

The first awardee at the event, the first Ubandoma of Ilorin Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jum’ah Oba Sholagberu crown up the occasion with warm advice and prayers to the budding lawyers. He thanked the discussants for revealing the path to trod to emerging practitioners.

The program also featured the presentation of Award to distinguished guests, among others, were Dr. AbdulKadir Jum’at Oba Sholagberu (First Ubandoma of Ilorin), Mr. K.K Eleja SAN, Mr. Ibrahim Sulaiman Senior (Commissioner for Tertiary), Hajia Hassanat Olaperi Mustapha (Chief Registrar, Sharia Court of Appeal), Chief R.O Balogun, Hon. AbdulWahab O. Issa (Former member, House of Representatives). 

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