May 17, 2022


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NALSS holds Public Hearing on budget size of N.10Million

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By Yahaya Bashira Ojone

The Students Representative Council, SRC, of the faculty of Life Sciences’s National Association of Life Sciences Students, NALSS, has on Wednesday 11th, held a public hearing on the association’s budget appropriation for 2019/2020 administrative period. The budget size for this administrative period put at ten million, four hundred and forty-four thousand.

The event which was poorly attended by the concerned individuals — congress men and women alike — was held at LT2 and chaired by the speaker of the house, Hon. Alagbede.

The DSP of the house emphasized that the hearing was just to engage the students populace on the Budget and Planning Committee of the Central Executive Council; and that a proper business sitting will be held on Saturday, 14th of December.

The financial secretary of the faculty presented the budget on behalf of the CEC. Afterwards, a breakdown of the budget of each executive member was given, and cumulatively, the buget size totalled Ten million four hundred and forty four thousand.

Thereafter, the executive members, starting from the president, comrade Governor were called upon to give insights on the proposed budget as concern to their respective offices; while simultaneously, the congress men and women present were as well given the opportunity to give their suggestions and ask questions regarding the budget of each executive as they defend it.

The DSP further cautioned that it was not in the place of the congress to lament the amount of money proposed as there was already a constituted financial appropriation team and a planned business sitting for that.

Congress men and women however made their suggestions and ask questions regarding the plans of the CEC members and promises made during electioneering.

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