May 17, 2022


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NAPHER-SD foraging for athletes as Talent hunt gets underway in April-May

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By Alhaji Suleiman

Grassroots is arguably the only genuine social movement focused on sport, because It consists of a loose coalition of participants, officials, coaches, and volunteer administrators.

Not only do participants stay fit and healthy but help develop an individual’s sporting talents, and also helps people to develop new skills for employment.

it is in view of this that National Association of Physical Health Education Recreation Sport & Dance, University of Ilorin Chapter in Conjunction with the Head of Department Cup (HO.D’s cup) in Human Kinetics Education is organising a talent hunt programme to that will include in it inclusiveness in participation, it is aimed at providing access to sports for all, regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexuality or social background, needs to be a priority, without neglecting people with disabilities or other health issues, thereby encouraging participations.

All participants according to the pioneer of the event,will undergo a complete training and supervision in different fields for their choices of sport by professionals and coaches , after a successful screening and training in order to safeguard the welfare of participants. And by such, making a meaningful utilisation of the ever available school sporting facilities in the University playing fields, courts and halls.

The programme is geared towards making available “acccessibilty” to sports for all students, regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexuality or social background and helping break the barriers of some students who may have been feeling being marginalized and excluded.

The cyclopic programme will feature just *2* sporting activities which includes Volleyball *Female* team Football *Male* team taking place at the University Sporting Facilities.

However a statement from the main organiser , Yusuf Damilola Maryam, a 400L finalist in the department of Human Kinetics Education urge all interested students should contact their respective Course Reps for registration Proceedings or call:

Moriesleek on: 09063603850

Sporty on : 09070975355

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