May 26, 2022


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National Union of Lagos state students University of Ilorin Press release

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On the 2019 General Elections

For the process of power transition in a Democratic nation is not by negotiation nor succession, a free and fair election becomes the last resort to answering the question of “Who will lead the nation in the next four-years trip?”

As concerned and optimistic members of the nation, the following are our objectives in the 2019 electoral process:

We shall not be made tools of destruction,

We shall stand against election vandalization

We together say NO to electoral tension.

All we are after, all we crave, all we are saying is:

“Fellow Nigerians, do ensure and embrace a free, fair and credible election.”

When this is done, then we are one.

This message is brought to you from the 2018/2019, Continuity Era, Executive members of the National Union of Lagos State Students, University of Ilorin.

Nul. Adeyeri Waliu Olalekan
The President

Nul. Anthonio Qoyyum
Nul. Sanni Jamiu
The P.R.Os.

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