August 12, 2022


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Neville Warns Guardiola’s City Over Winter

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Manchester City will “be in trouble” if they fail to improve on their mid-season performance levels during the last two Premier League campaigns, according to former Manchester United defender Gary Neville.
Neville believes they will struggle to win the title yet again if they do not learn from their mistakes.
He said, “They are at an outstandingly high level.” “They can only stop themselves. I mention the words robustness and resilience. If you look at Manchester City’s last two seasons, one under Manuel Pellegrini and one under Guardiola, and you look at November, December and January. They probably would have won two titles in those two seasons if they’d have maintained their championship-winning level.” 
He added that, “If they drop to that level in November, December and January again then they’ll be in trouble. Those months are tough, the toughest months; I don’t care what anybody says [to the contrary].”

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